Dr. Melonie Hill

Commercial Real Estate Expert

Dr. Melonie Hill Photo

Dr. Melonie Hill is not a novice when it comes to understanding the unique needs and interests of people. Having served for over a decade as a Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Hill has mastered the skills of active listening and rapport building. When it comes to understanding precisely what a client is seeking, her valuation and assessment experience will serve you well. Her uncanny ability to conceptualize the needs of clients is simply refreshing. She gets it.


Throughout her journey as a psychologist and a business owner, Melonie has had the privilege to work collaboratively with various professionals representing a myriad of disciplines. This involvement has led her to develop a unique understanding and appreciation of business owners. Both the insight that she has gained from her experience as the owner of a health-focused practice, and her connection working directly with other companies – give Dr. Melonie Hill the winning edge to lead the Commercial Division of Plush Properties Group of KW Commercial, which is the commercial real estate arm of Keller Williams Realty, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. Community-focused and client-driven, Dr. Melonie Hill won’t rest until your need has been met. She will work tirelessly to protect your interests, become and maintain her status as your preferred Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representative Specialist. Dr. Hill is looking forward to serving you.