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Whether a person is seeking to lease his/her first office, have outgrown the current location or wanting to expand  the current business into various locations, allow Plush Properties Group, Commercial Division to assist with your commercial real estate needs. Using a Commercial Real Estate Professional can help clients make sound decisions regarding their real estate needs; thus, resulting in money saved for years to come.

Why choose Plush Properties Group, Commercial Division?
Simply stated, Plush Properties Group, Commercial Division prides itself on its ability to listen, respond in a timely manner as well as its ability to devise and execute a strategic plan suited for the specific client. As the director of the Commercial Division of Plush Properties Group, Dr. Melonie Hill has been a licensed psychologist as well as the owner of a group behavioral health practice for over 10 years. Combining her expertise in listening, communicating effectively, and building rapport with people while understanding the challenges and rewards of owning a business creates a perfect platform for her to be helpful to her real estate clients as they make important decisions regarding their real estate needs. With Dr. Hill’s ability to be relatable yet professional combined with her team’s knowledge of real estate will yield a positive result for the client!

As Tenant Rep Specialists, Plush Properties Group, Commercial Division can offer a broad range of commercial real estate services, which include the following:

(a) Business Analysis – An analysis of the business is an essential component for deciding about a lease. Specific aspects of the business analysis include: (a) Determine space requirements for the business (b) Determine location preference (c) Determine the financial exposure the business can handle when considering a lease (d) Determine if all key decision makers are aligned with the decision to obtain or renew a lease.

(b) Office Space Identification – Selection of a location for a business can be a daunting, time-consuming task. Hence, allow Plush Properties Group, Commercial Division to assume this responsibility. Plush Properties will work tirelessly to find suitable locations that meet the specific criteria set forth by the client.

(c) Lease Analysis/Renegotiation – While on the surface it appears that a lease is a straightforward contractual agreement, there are several financial principles that underlie a lease. Understanding the costs associated with the lease can aid a company’s ability to make a sound financial decision.

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